11 Reasons to Start Gardening

gardening michigan reasons

Well Michiganders….It is mid April, we’re well into Spring even if Winter still wants it’s last, “hurrah!” With Easter approaching and warmer weather ahead, what does this weather make you think of?       It should make you start thinking of gardening! Yes, now! You can start seedling kits and build your own garden in your back yard before the hot sun sucks away your motivation. But won’t that be too much work? Will you really benefit from your own garden? The answer is yes, it does require some labor but you will definitely reap the benefits once you...

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Celebrating National Nutrition Month ® Michigan Style

  As a dietitian, National Nutrition Month ® is near and dear to my heart. March is generally a rough month for some Michiganders because by now many of us are ready for that snow to melt and spring to come on in. That said, March is also a great time of the year to check in on your nutritional status and health goals you had on your mind back in January.               The theme for this year’s campaign is, “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right.” What a perfect motto! Do you agree that you can enjoy the tastes...

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Experiments in a Michigander’s Kitchen

 Greetings, from Twin Lake, Michigan where the snow is getting piled up taller than my car and I’m ready for spring to come anytime now. My name is Jessi, I’m a registered dietitian with a lot of pride for the state I’ve called home for the last 23 years. I’m a Central Michigan Alumni, a Cooking Matters and Nutrition in Action educator, blogger, runner, dancer, lover and friend. I write nutrition and foodie adventure posts over at Tasty Table Topics and strive to help you, “Eat Simply by Simply Eating” (my personal motto). I also attempt to create recipes that...

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Don't Worry, Be Hoppy!

beer brew cider fall harvest michigan

Fall is, for many beer-lovers, the most wonderful time of the year. The northern hemisphere is a world of changing colors and nippy winds laced with an almost palpable nostalgia. Gone are the pale, citrus-y notes of summer; taking their place are the rich, dark hues of fall ales, comforting pumpkin brews and the freshest hops of the year just harvested. It's time to don jeans and a fleecy sweatshirt, throw on a scarf to fight the wind and traipse over the crunchy, fallen leaves to your local pub or microbrewery to take advantage of the delicious bounty of this fleeting season. If...

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Fresh Air and Snacks: Michigan’s Favorite Fall Pastime

apples cider doughnuts michigan orchard

If your mouth isn't watering yet, it should be. Michigan’s favorite fall fruit is here by the bushel. While Michigan's  wacky weather last year (March: Warm! April: Psych, freezing!) knocked out 90% of the state’s apple crop, this year's trees.whopping 30 million bushels blew last year's paltry 3 million out of the water.  Thanks to this year's warmer spring and the energy the trees saved by NOT producing apples last year, you can now literally shake the apples off the trees. Live near Lansing? The Country Mill in Charlotte is a local favorite. This orchard features organic apples you may pick yourself, fresh apple...

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