11 Reasons to Start Gardening

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Well Michiganders….It is mid April, we’re well into Spring even if Winter still wants it’s last, “hurrah!” With Easter approaching and warmer weather ahead, what does this weather make you think of?




It should make you start thinking of gardening! Yes, now! You can start seedling kits and build your own garden in your back yard before the hot sun sucks away your motivation. But won’t that be too much work? Will you really benefit from your own garden? The answer is yes, it does require some labor but you will definitely reap the benefits once you have your own produce coming in.


Eleven Reasons to Start Gardening:


  1. It’s cheaper. You’ll save money in the long run gardening and harvesting your own fruits and vegetables because you won’t have to spend gas money to get to the store or market and the seeds are cheaper than buying produce already made.
  2. It’s fun! It’s very rewarding to plant your own garden, nurture it and watch it bloom into edible products.
  3. Your kids will love it and do the work for you. Kids really love gardening. They will get wide eyed when the early sprouts pop out of the soil and they’ll get excited about eating fruits and vegetables that THEY made. Heck they’ll probably do the weeding for you.
  4. New tastes and flavors. Seeds offer a wider variety of fruits and vegetables that may look, taste and feel different than the common types we see in the grocery store. Ever had a purple bell pepper?!
  5. New appreciations. Ever spent a day with a farmer who harvests and cares for acres of produce? You will definitely develop a deeper appreciation for their hard work spent making produce for you.
  6. Easy snacks. Forget running to the gas station to pick up a bag of chips…just head out to your garden and pick some fresh berries or beans ready for eating!
  7. Your health. When you and your family garden, your diet will become increasingly diverse in the types of fruits and vegetables you consume. Your meals will take new shapes and colors and your body will thank you for consuming more vitamins and minerals.
  8. Physical activity. Say what? Gardening is just as much a physical activity as raking the leaves or shoveling snow off the driveway.
  9. You’ll know where you food came from and what went in it. While I love purchasing produce from the Farmers Markets and from grocery stores, I also love knowing what exactly went into the soil and water to make that produce so delicious. Growing your own garden allows you to be in control of that.
  10. You’ll join the eating local movement. What’s more local than your backyard or patio?
  11. It’s educational. You’ll find as you start gardening that you’re more curious about plant varieties and you’ll learn more about how best to harvest plants, how to compost…etc. Your kids or grandkids will also learn about where their food comes from and how it is made, rather than, “it comes from the grocery store.”


I can promise you, gardening is worth it. If you put the time and money investing in your building your own personal farmer’s market, you will experience more benefits than just saving money. Which, by the way, is a perfect reason by itself.


Try out your green thumbs this year and put your Michigan gardening hat, gloves and kneepads on. Then, when you’re with your family gathered around the table, eating fruits or vegetables you’ve grown and harvested yourself, tell me it’s not worth it.



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